Best Abdominal Radiology Books

What is Abdominal Radiology?

The abdominal radiologist has expertise in the interpretation of all diseases of the abdomen and pelvis with particular emphasis on the following areas: hepatobiliary diseases, pancreatic diseases, genitourinary diseases, gynecologic diseases, oncology, trauma, various organ transplantation (liver, pancreas, kidney), vascular studies (Doppler, CT angio, MR angio) as well as other areas of abdominal and pelvic disease that may be subject to imaging evaluation.

Best Abdominal Radiology Books

Fellowships in Abdominal Radiology are usually aimed at  training and improving the fellow skills in the performance and interpretation of abdominal and pelvic imaging studies such as abdominal and pelvic MRI, CT (including CT colonography and 3D imaging), ultrasound, fluoroscopy/plain radiography, PET-CT and nonvascular interventional procedures such as image guided drainage, biopsy, and RF ablation.

To start with, radiologist at any level of specializing usually refer to the Abdominal Imaging reference for the general training and queries. This book cover all imaging modalities with more than 2400 high quality images. However, a gynecologic imaging supplement is recommended to this reference such as this Illustrated Gynecologic imaging book which contain more than 3700 images.

Another set of two books commonly used by people in training are the A/P MRI and A/P Ultrasonography books due to the wide variety of pathology and interpretation needs. These two books will give a deeper insight to the field and help the resident and fellows better understand the subject.

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