Best Obstetric Imaging Books

 What is Obstetric Imaging?

Obstetric Imaging is the branch of radiology that deals with imaging of the pregnant womb. It includes studying of normal and abnormal pregnancy whether fetal or maternal pathology. It includes grayscale, 3D, color, and pulsed-wave Doppler ultrasound and fetal MRI.

Obstetric Imaging

No doubt that Dr Woodward has the most famous obstetric imaging text book which is widely used among radiologists, perinatologists and obstetricians. It has more than 3000 images with online access to a database of videos and digital images. Another helpful book to add to the collection is this OB/GYN ultrasound book as well. This book contain reference tables and management guidelines besides the images and online videos that access is usually included with the book.

What is Fetal Imaging?

Fetal Imaging is generally part of obstetric radiology and includes routine and high risk pregnancy imaging.

Some featured books in this domain are listed here:

Fetal Echocardiography

First Trimester Fetal Abnormalities

Fetal MRI with US

Prenatal Brain US

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