Who should get a thank you letter?

Who shot get a thank you note after residency interview?

Basically or at least any selection committee member who interviewed you or had an extended interaction with you during the interview day. In average you have to sent about 5 to 8 thank you cards to each program.  We will talk on how to personalize the letter to each of them in another post, but let me enumerate her who are the people to get them:

1- The Program Director. You don't have to send to the chairman or to the assistant program director unless they were directly involved in your interview.

2- The program Coordinator. These people are usually the secret keeping and the play important roles in managing the residency programs. There word is taken into consideration in most of places and they do attend the selection sessions and help with ERAS and NRMP ROL submission.

3- Faculty that interviewed you.

4- The Chief Residents. These guys also play and important role in the selection process. They tour with you in the hospital and they get the first impression about you.

Jut a reminder, Thank you Letters to be send by mail in Cards as specified in another post, here an example: TY Cards.