What is the format of the thank you letter after residency interview

Format of the after residency interview thank you letter will be dissected in this post. Before talking about the composition and contents you need to understand a very important part. The note should be short enough to fit in the Thank You card you are sending. Most residency applicants roughly send this most commonly used 6 x4 inches cards like these: Thank you Cards.

In general the thank you letter consists of 2 small paragraphs. The first one you introduce the occasion and date of the interview adding "thank you at the start". Then in the same paragraph you mention briefly a feature you liked in the person you are sending the card to or in his staff in general. The second paragraph you will emphasize your interest in that program and specialty. Here you ill mention the name of the institution or department. And you will end by the following phrase " AM looking forward to start my training with your program". Then you end with "Sincerely", you put your full name and AAMC ID.