Pediatric Colorectal Surgery Best Books

What is Pediatric Colon and Rectal Surgery?

Pediatric Colon and Rectal Surgery as known as Pediatric Colorectal Surgery is the branch of surgery that focus on managing surgical conditions involving the colorectal part of the gastrointestinal system in children including but limited to: Congenital anomalies, Cancer, inflammatory bowel disease and polyps.

Fellows training in the pediatric colorectal surgery domain and the surgeons in this practice refer to the best books that are recommended by most specialists and include:

Surgical Treatment of Colorectal Problems in Children

Pediatric Colorectal and Pelvic Reconstructive Surgery

Hirschsprung's Disease and Allied Disorders

Case Studies in Pediatric Colorectal and Pelvic Surgery

Case Studies in Fecal Incontinence and Constipation in Children

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