Dermatopathology Best Books

What is Dermatopathology?

Dermatopathology is a subspecialty of Pathology that focus on diagnosing diseases of the skin.

Dermatopathologist are usually trained in all aspects of dermatopathologic evaluation, including immunohistochemical staining, immunofluorescence, and molecular testing. The best dermatopathology books recommended for fellows and pathologists include:

Dermatopathology Textbook

Inflammatory Dermatopathology

WHO Classification of Skin Tumours

Additional Helpful Books for Dermatopathologists:

Histological Diagnosis of Nevi and Melanoma

Histopathology of the Nail: Onychopathology

Diagnosis of Cutaneous Lymphoid Infiltrates

Dermatopathology Board Examination Review Best Books:

Dermatopathology Self-Assessment & Review

Self-Assessment in Dermatopathology

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