Aerospace Medicine Best Books

 What is Aerospace Medicine?

Aerospace medicine is a subspecialty of occupational medicine that focus on medical care and safety for those involved in air and space travel. It encompasses the diagnosis, prevention and treatment of disorders associated with aerospace environments and with the adaptive systems designed to enhance performance and support life under such conditions.

aerospace medicine

Physicians training in the aerospace medicine programs will get experience in Health management of individuals working in all aerospace environments, Promotion of passenger health, safety and comfort, Comprehension of care and safety issues in aeromedical transport, Assessing human factors and ergonomic concepts in the aerospace environment, Promotion of aerospace operational safety and mishap prevention and Interpretation and performance aeromedical research.

Residents and fellow as well as physicians practicing in this domain find these best books in aerospace medicine helpful:

Aviation and Space Medicine

Fundamentals of Aerospace Medicine

Principles of Clinical Medicine for Space Flight

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