Post residency interview thank you letter

Post residency interview thank you letters: Guidelines and Sample

Thank you letter is one of the important things that increase the chances of a residency applicant to be memorized longer and hence get higher rank in the NRMP ROL list. The impression it leaves on faculty is the same impression it leaves on you when you receive a letter from a person you are looking for business or other type of future relation. Don't underestimate the power of things you do and they receive. Every single detail in your application or afterward behavior will have an effect, even if slight, but it can definitely change things on the long run.

1- Handwritten letters are more genuine and live. If you type the letter, it may look like a generic one you are sending to every body. A big No here is emailing. Don't email the programs. They are overwhelmed by the thousands of people asking to be interviewed which is already very annoying to them. They might add you the spam system and hence compromise your future communication with them.

2- Send them only to the people you were involved with in the interview (program director, other faculty member who interviewed you, the program coordinator(s) who arranged the interview and the chief residents.

3- Mention something in the letter that will remind them about your interview or will make your image last longer in their brain. You can mention something you already discussed like the friendly environment, the dinner before the interview, the hospital tour or the breakfast. Or you may bring up something you liked during your interview and this way you can create an imaginary common thing so they remember you, like you can mention the research they are doing, technical aspects like robotic surgery, night float system or things they have like a big library (We will talk about the contents of the letter in another post).

4- The shorter the better. This way they will read it all like they eat sweet. This is a busy time of the year where they try to manage every minute of their day.

5- Write it right away BUT don't send it yet, its too early to do that. My advise is to write it immediately after the interview so you don't forget the details, but again, don't send it yet. Try to guess the time when they will do their NRMP ROL list submission and send it about 2-4 weeks before that. Usually this happens 1 week after they finished all interviews, most programs finish interviews in late January.

6- Don't write on a plain paper. Look professional. Write on a special card for such occasions. You can find example here: Thank You Cards

7. End with a simple, positive closing sentence like "I look forward to be working with you in the future."

8. Do mention your AAMC ID with your full name in the bottom.

9. This is a sample after residency interview thank you letter, more examples to be posted soon, follow us:

Dear Dr (Program director or coordinator, Chairman, Chief resident or other interviewers):

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for inviting me to interview for .....residency.
I was very impressed with your program and thoroughly enjoyed my visit. I found the residents to be friendly and forthright in answering any and all of my questions.
The informal gathering afterward was an excellent way to obtain information in a more relaxed setting and learn about the nontechnical aspects of resident life in (the city).
It is obvious that you are committed to excellence and I have no doubt that you will be instrumental in improving an already outstanding program. Thanks again and hope to see you in the future.

Full Name